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How does the BackTrack D-TOUR™ Work?
The BackTrack D-TOUR uses a blend of new technologies with GPS technology. Using government GPS satellites, the D-TOUR re-calculates your position every two seconds, telling you how far you’ve traveled from your original destination. Activate the trip logging function and it will record your trip route. After your trip is over, you can use the free D-TOUR software application to view, analyze and share the data collected during your trips.
Where can I buy the BackTrack D-TOUR?
The BackTrack D-TOUR is available now for purchase at many specialty and consumer stores, online dealers and select retailers in the U.S. You can order also one now at


Will the D-TOUR work indoors?
No. GPS requires a clear view of the sky in order to obtain satellite lock. Large buildings and metallic surfaces could potentially affect satellite lock and more difficult to accurately determine location.
Does the D-TOUR work abroad?
Yes, the BackTrack D-TOUR can be used worldwide.


What types of batteries do I need?
The D-TOUR uses three AAA alkaline or lithium batteries (non-rechargeable Lithium batteries are recommended for cold temperatures or for extended use.)
How do I insert batteries?
The D-TOUR has an easy to remove battery door that gives access to the battery compartment. To remove the battery door, turn the coin screw from lock to unlock and pull on the lower back half.
How long do batteries last?
Battery life will depend on use. The estimated battery life for a constant running unit is 16-20 hours.
How do I know when to replace batteries?
The battery meter will begin flashing with a diagonal line through it notifying you that the batteries need to be replaced. You will only have a short amount of time after the blinking starts before the batteries are exhausted.
Will removing the batteries delete my data?
No. Your trip data and settings are retained while you change batteries.
How long is the battery life?
16-20 hours


How many trips/log hours does the BackTrack D-TOUR memory hold?
The D-TOUR will hold up to 48 total hours of logging, regardless of the number of trips taken.
What happens after the memory is full?
The memory indicator bar will show no more units of memory remaining. You will also not see the walking man in the upper right of the screen if you attempt to turn logging on.
How do I erase the BackTrack D-TOUR’s memory?
When logging is complete, simply plug the D-TOUR unit into your computer. Create your online based account and upload your trips. Once uploaded, the software will erase the unit’s memory.


What does the blinking satellite icon mean?
Since the D-TOUR is a GPS device, it must lock onto the signal from several satellites in order to obtain an accurate location. The blinking icon lets you know that it has not yet obtained a full lock. Satellite acquisition takes approximately 15-60 seconds in an area with a clear view of the sky. You will not be able to get adequate GPS lock in a building or under a heavy cover.
What should I do if it takes longer than a minute to get a GPS satellite lock?
It is not unusual for the initial lock to take over a minute when using the D-TOUR for the first time, or in a new location. Make sure you are in an open area, away from tall buildings, trees, and large metal structures. If you still don’t have a satellite lock after several minutes, try turning the unit off then on again.
Why does the display show that I’m still walking at 1mph, but I’ve stopped?
GPS systems are designed with some intentional variability in the signal available for our use for national security reasons. This can result in the position data calculated by any commercial GPS to appear to wander. Over time this variability averages out to where you actually are.
The compass does not seem to be accurate or the arrow points in the wrong direction.
It may be necessary to periodically recalibrate the compass to ensure maximum accuracy. With the D-TOUR powered on outdoors, wait for a GPS lock (satellite icon stops blinking), then hold the D-TOUR out in front of you and move it in a “figure 8” pattern a few times. You may also use various other compass calibration techniques, as shown at:
My unit won’t lock satellites
If you are having trouble acquiring satellites, and you have turned the unit on and off in an attempt to correct the issue, please pull the batteries out, place them back in and power up the unit.


The trips I took on different days are not in the right order (sequential) under “My Downloaded Tracks”.
Close the D-TOUR software application, and then re-open it. Your trips should appear in order by date.
Can I use the D-TOUR application on more than one computer?
Yes. You don’t need to create a new account or register a second time-simply log on to your account (, click on the download link, and install the D-TOUR app on the additional computer.
How do I save my trip data and the current screen view when I’m finished using the app?
You don’t have to remember to do anything, as your trip data is automatically saved in your account in the “cloud”. There’s no need to logout, just close the application when you finish using the D-TOUR software.
I received an error message downloading the software that says "TRY AGAIN"?
Your browser may be blocking the installation of the software. Go to and download adobe air. Once that has completed, try downloading the software again.


Are there instructional videos that explain how to use the BackTrack D-TOUR?
Yes, click here to view the video instructions.
How do I register my product?
Please visit to register.
What if I forget my password (or want to change it)?
Just click the “Forgot Password?” link on the log in screen and enter your email address (user name). You may also change your password at any time, after logging in to your existing account at Click “My Profile” in the menu at the top of the screen.