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GPS Made Simple.

BackTrack D-TOUR is a GPS personal location finder. Using it is simple. To get back to where you started, you just push a button and follow an arrow.

You can use BackTrack D-TOUR to find your car in a parking lot, your campsite, your hiking trails, find your way back to your hotel in an unfamiliar city or tree stand at your favorite hunting property.

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Never Get Lost Again.

Simply mark the spot you want to return to and let the BackTrack D-TOUR guide you back. With just a push of a button you will never worry about finding your way back. So go ahead, get lost.

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Track Your Progress.

Log your trips and see the last trip taken on the BackTrack D-TOUR device. You can use the D-TOUR to build a training schedule by tracking the distance and pace of your runs.

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Explore New Terrain.

Get back to where you started hassle-free. The easy-to-use interface allows you to mark the spot you want to return to and check your distance on the fly. Feel free to jump off the path and blaze your own trail; the Backtrack D-TOUR has got your back.

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Mark Where They are Biting.

Want to keep track of that special fishing spot? The BackTrack D-TOUR allows you to mark up to five locations, so you will always remember how to get back to your secret place to catch bass.

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Hike without Boundaries.

Know the time, temp and altitude during a hike. Then plug the BackTrack D-TOUR into your computer to plot the hike on Google® Maps.

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Analyze Your Ride.

Know your speed, distance, temperature and elevation on a long bike ride. With the BackTrack D-TOUR App you can review the corresponding ride data while viewing your route on a map.

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Find Your Direction.

Know where you are at all times. Every BackTrack D-TOUR contains the extra features of a built in digital compass. The D-TOUR provides you with your heading and your latitude and longitude.

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Never Fear the Parking Lot.

Ever lose your car in a crowded parking lot? Finding where you parked is as simple as pushing a button and following an arrow back to your vehicle.

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Many ways to use it.Everyone Uses itDifferently.

The BackTrack D-TOUR is always ready for adventure. And there isn’t just one way to use it. Learn more about how people are using it so they never get lost.

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Ratings and Reviews

MARIO // “I ordered this for my Dad he wanted something simple to use when he goes out hunting. He likes the simple use and being out in the mountains he can be sure to make it out.”
CHRIS // “A very user friendly item. I have tried it and like it so far. I plan on using it for birdhunting with my dog. Anyone who birdhunts new coverts knows how easy it is to get turned around while hunting with your favorite bird dog.”
LAURIE // “The last few years I have gone to the L.A. County Fair, we could not find our car in the parking lot. The lot is huge and there are no lights. It is VERY dark. I'm not the only one - there are people walking all over the place looking for their car.”